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The Law Offices of Andrew S. Cho has assisted thousands of clients throughout the Anaheim region as well as the great state of California, and we can ensure you get a fresh financial start as well! We offer a free bankruptcy consultation in our convenient Anaheim office or over the phone at your convenience. Our law professionals bring over 20 years of legal expertise to the table. 

Not to sound too lofty, but “An unjust law is itself a species of violence,” as Mahatma Ghandi once observed. 

Truer words were never spoken. 

Has the reality of your financial situation reached a crisis point? If so, please, don’t despair. If you’re interested in seeing if you qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (debt wipe-out or fresh start bankruptcy) or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy (repayment plan), simply contact the Law Office of Andrew Cho at (714) 881-0009). You can expect a prompt response, as we understand what’s at stake. 

Exemptions play different roles depending on whether you are filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Bear in mind, if you’re one of the millions laid off due to COVID-19, bankruptcy can erase bills while keeping most retirement accounts intact. You don’t need to be jobless to retain our services, however. Bankruptcy exemptions play a significant role in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Are you in need of relief here in the Los Angeles area? There’s no time like the present to empower yourself and take action. The Law Offices of Andrew S. Cho is prepared to get you the solutions you deserve.

We Specialize In: 

  • Bankruptcy 
  • Asset Protection
  • Litigation 
  • FDCPA 
  • FCRA 
  • Estate Planning 
  • Foreclosure Defense 
  • Eviction Defense

Bankruptcy Stops Creditors in Their Tracks.

Filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Eliminates:

  • Collection Activity
  • Lawsuits
  • Garnishments, Bank Levies
  • Foreclosures
  • Repossessions
  • Tax Collectors
  • Creditor Harassment

Bankruptcy Allows You to Maintain Ownership of Your Belongings

In most cases, bankruptcy exemptions allow you to keep all of the following: 

  • Home
  • Car
  • Income
  • Furnishings
  • Retirement
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